Committee meeting Minutes

17th April 2018


Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee

Monday 9th April 2018

1 Apologies for Absence :  Kate Atkinson,  Ginny Vernon. ACTION
2 Present : Peter Glossop, Acting Chairperson.  John Kirman, Treasurer.  Martin Whillock, Secretary.  John Barr.  Val’ Watters. Sandy Gilman.  Sharon Metcalfe.  Ann Wilks.  
3 Acting Chairperson’s opening remarks :  Peter said that with the death of Barry Sanderson the Friends were at a crossroads, with choices of directions to be made.  We could feel adrift, but it is also an opportunity for improvements and positive changes.  We are in a position to benefit the whole of Easingwold and the Villages, as well as continuing to support the Hospital.   Peter said he would rather not be Chairman, but he would not walk away at this critical time.  We must all share the road ahead.  There will be difficulties and whatever changes come we will need the support of the whole community.  
4 The Minutes of the meeting held on 19th February 2018 were APPROVED.  
5 Matters arising : Re. 9.3 The Shawbrook Bank need two more signatures. JK & PG
6 Hospital :  Ginny may make a request for some equipment.  
7 Physiotherapy  :  No report  
8 Finance :  John Kirman presented records of Receipts and Payments, and a Funds Statement to 5.4.2018. Attached below. 

A report of thanks to the Young Farmers to be placed in the Advertiser.

Advice would be sought from Will Mowatt about what to do with the HSBC account, which was attracting no interest, for the next meeting.




9 Buildings :  John Barr reported on his investigation into creating additional car parking spaces in the paddock.  A hard standing area made of Grass Grids with supporting foundations for 12 cars would cost about £10,000.  It was AGREED that additional car parking spaces were needed because people visiting patients were being prevented from parking by NHS staff attending meetings. It was AGREED that John Barr would get further costings, including costs for 24 spaces.  It was AGREED that we should make contact with the right person at the NHS in York and suggest that we share the cost of building more car parking spaces.  It was AGREED that MW would ask Beverly Hutchinson to assist meanwhile, by asking meetings-only visitors to not park at the Hospital.   










10 Events :  P G reported that the event with Yorkshire Air Ambulance went very well, with a full house and a collection of £298 being made for YAA.   The next, and last, event will be on 16th June. With Jule Midsomer from Health Watch UK.  See  
11 Gardens :  Sandy is working well with Rob, with decisions being made.  They had considered various options for a memorial for Barry.  It was AGREED that Sandy, Val and Ann would investigate buying a new Summer House and bring proposals to the next meeting.  
12 Helpers : A W reported – All well.  
13 AGM 7th June :  PG recommended that this be held in the Galtres Centre Lounge, because of the important changes being made to the Constitution. This was AGREED. 

It was also AGREED to hold a preparation meeting at 4.00pm on Monday 14th May.

The Secretary pointed out that several matters of detail should be dealt with now and in the coming days, before 14th May, including

·       Booking the Galtres Lounge.

·       Booking space in the Advertiser on 19th May for the Statutory Notice.

·       Contacting the 4 GPs Surgeries for their information and assistance

·       Listing all the people and organisations to be invited, and places for advertisements to be placed.

·       Proposals for managing the AGM

The Secretary asked that all Committee members make themselves available on 7th June to help run the meeting.










14 Constitution :  At 8.00pm Susie Mortonson from Harrowells Solicitors joined the meeting and presented her second redraft of the Constitution.  The meeting went through the 14 pages with 29 main clauses document page by page, making some adjustments.  The main changes were in the Objectives and Membership. 

It was NOTED that a new Membership scheme would have to be put in place, but that as thousands of people would be entitled to apply for Membership the scheme would have to be outsourced and paid for.   It was AGREED that a Membership fee would be set, and the receipts issued would serve as evidence of membership at future AGMs and General Meetings.

SM AGREED to circulate a further amended version of the Constitution, and to attend the AGM.

The Secretary asked for all previous versions of the Constitution on paper and electronic to be destroyed, to avoid any future confusion.















15 A O B 

1.      A notice had been received about Safeguarding in Charities.  Ann AGREED to look into this matter and make recommendations at the next meeting.

2.      Advertising.  PG AGREED to investigate further.

3.      Website :  Working OK now.







16 Next meetings : 

1.      AGM planning :  Monday 14th May 4.00pm in J F room.

2.      AGM :  Thursday 7th June at the Galtres Centre Lounge.

3.      Next Committee meeting.  To be arranged probably in July 2018.




Funds Statement at 05.04.2018




HSBC Current Account                                      68417

Deposit Account                                            85

Saffron BS                                                          79490

United Trust Bank                                              76635

Julian Hodge Bank                                             78286

Shawbrook BS                                                   72500

Alliance Trust                                                  101967*
Cambridge & Counties Bank                            75960




  • includes uplift of £ 21967 to present day value which may go up or down
  RECEIPTS  & PAYMENTS 1.1.18 TO 05.04.18 



Balance at 1.1. 18                                                           488345


Funerals                                                     1923

Subscriptions & Donations                        3781


Legacy                                                      39626

Coffee Mornings




Physio                                          342

Newspapers                                 221

Telephone                                     68

Garden Costs                             1035

Flowers                                         50

Patients Requisites & Gifts           39

Stationery & Advertising            258


Sundries                                        65

Postage                                          15

Website                                       210

___         2303

____           43027

Balance at 31.12.17                                                       531372



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