Grants Policy

1. The Object of the League of Friends of St Monica’s Hospital Charitable Incorporated Organisation (the CIO)

Under the terms of the constitution of the CIO dated 10 December 2021, the object is:

For the public benefit, the relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of good health and wellbeing in the Easingwold district and surrounding areas by:

  • Promoting, encouraging and supporting and betterment of facilities and services at St Monica’s Hospital, Easingwold for the benefit of the local community, in particular its patients and other users;
  • Providing grants of financial assistance as the trustees see fit to support the health and wellbeing of members of the wider community

2. Principles

In awarding grants, the trustees will apply the following principles:

2.1 Applications that aim to benefit those residing within the hospital’s catchment area will be eligible for consideration.

2.2 Grants will typically be made to organisations in the not-for-profit and voluntary sectors working to meet the identified health and wellbeing needs of the community.

2.3 The grant must not displace mainstream NHS funding or funding from local or central government.

2.4 The grant is necessary for the project to proceed in the form or time scale proposed.

3. Priorities for support

The trustees will prioritise applications from organisations that:

3.1 Are not-for-profit.

3.2 Have a written constitution, a bank account which requires at least two unrelated signatories, a management committee and certified financial accounts.

3.3 Have appropriate safeguarding policies in place.

4. Exclusions

In general, the trustees will not support the following projects:

4.1 That aim to advance a religious doctrine which excludes some sections of the local community.

4.2 That benefit an individual or involve payment of remuneration or business profit unless incidental to a purpose for the benefit of the public in general or a sufficient section of the public.

4.3 That are part of a general appeal for funds.

5. Application process

The trustees have set up a Grant Committee to process applications for grants and to monitor current projects.

The terms of reference of the Grant Committee are available on request.

A pre-application process has been developed that allows applicants to seek advice and support from the Grant Committee. View the pre-application form. Once the form has been checked for eligibility, applicants will be invited to submit a full application to the trustees.

6. Status and Review of policy

This policy is for general guidance only as all grants are distributed at the discretion of the trustees and their decision is final. The trustees will review this policy on an annual basis.

Approved: 9th January 2024

Next Review Date: January 2025

Download a PDF copy of this policy (85 KB)