Summary of the 2024 AGM

7th June 2024

The Friends of St Monica’s Hospital (FOSMH) held its Annual General Meeting in May, attended by its members and those of the general public, and trustees.

On with business

In his report on the year, Chair David Kenworthy emphasised that, in a year of consolidation, FOSMH had got on with business, and with many successes. In the hospital itself the emphasis of the Sister on comfort and rehabilitation of patients had been helped by funding from the Friends. This facilitated recliner chairs for patients to be bought, fresh flowers, patient admission packs, and visits by a hairdresser. The high occupancy rate and consequent pressures on staff has been helped by recruitment of two overseas nurses and FOSMH has provided a fridge and washing machine for their home, hopefully encouraging them to remain in the area. All staff have benefited from the furnishing of a rest room complete with television.

The palliative care suite in the hospital has been redecorated, and furniture and fridge installed, funded by FOSMH, and another room refurbished. This features a mural painted by local artist Julie Midsummer. This palliative care plan is called the Autumn Project.

Frailty study

The biggest ever piece of funding by FOSMH is that of a Frailty Study led by local GP Dr John Morris. Spread over two years , this project will assist in preventing elderly people suffering from catastrophic health failure. David Kenworthy said:

“The improvements in the quality of life for local elderly residents and the potential savings in hospital costs and in-patient time should be enormous”

Community projects

Twenty Community Projects were given grants by FOSMH in the year, to a total of £32000. The AGM agreed that their impact on local health and well-being was a welcome and positive one and that a new Grants Policy would maintain this and ensure that funding is targeted to projects that meet specific criteria, including evidence of other funding sources being identified.

Volunteers are back

After the hiatus of Covid, the Chair reported that Volunteers are back in the hospital and receive training, a handbook, and DBS checking.

Financial report

The AGM heard a Financial Report, identifying investments, income, expenditure and reserves. It was explained that FOSMH has set aside a contingency fund of £250,000 to respond to any need for investment in St Monica’s in the future. David Kenworthy emphasised that the hospital “Is of enormous benefit to the community and to the NHS”.

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